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Micro Plant Hire

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Linden Plant Hire in Salisbury, Wiltshire offers a great range of plant hire including the JCB Micro excavator, for light excavating needs.

Small enough to fit through doorways, strong enough to do the work of ten men, the JCB micro excavator is the ideal plant hire for using inside and outside buildings. The Micro excavator is remarkable not only for its size, but also for the fact that it is very powerful. Able to access areas that were previously out of reach, they can track through a standard 2ft 6in doorway. This allows you to hire it for use inside or even through buildings, into difficult to access rear gardens. Even height restrictions cannot prevent its access thanks to the folding safety frame (Optional). Powered by up to a 12.7kw engine, these micro excavators are the ideal plant hire to handle the toughest tasks in the tightest environments.
A wide range of attachments for extra versatility
Single acting auxiliary Pipework fitted as standard, boom Pipework optional.
Compact and manoeuvrable design enables this plant to be used in the most combined of spaces.
With an extending undercarriage, extending from 700mm to 1000mm on the Micro excavator

The plant's large capacity diesel tank easily allows for at least one full day's hire of uninterrupted operation.
TOPS certified (Tip Over Protection Structure) option (unless a legal requirement, as is in some territories). A seat belt comes as standard with this option.
Control Isolator lever fitted as standard.
ISO Pattern Controls
Vinyl Static Seat
Full Audible Systems
TOPS Certified Frame
Easy to operate - all functions use a separate lever

Linden Hire provides plant hire to Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.



Other information

Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Typical models in this range: JCB Micro
This vehicle is available at: Salisbury hire, Wiltshire hire


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